Thursday, December 20, 2012

Stage Hairspray

I am not sure of how many uses I will actually find for this, but I have just discovered a new product. 
 Fantasy FX canned fog.
This product has apparently been used extensively in recent years for productions of Hairspray.
I imagine this canned fog effect would have many uses, though I used it for a hairspray effect as well.
The fog inside has very little scent and hangs nicely in the air
A quick bit of spray adhesive on a recreated AquaNet Label

And we have a wonderful can of hairspray that doesn't leave any sort of sticky film on actresses, props, or the floor


  1. I know it's been a while since you posted this, but I'm trying to recreate an old Aqua Net label for a prop can in a show we're doing. How did you recreate your label? I need a 70's era label and your's looks great!

    1. I actually just created my label using a simple draw program (I used open office. Red rectangle on the bottom, white rectangle on the top, a few black diagonal lines that copied and pasted over and over to get the diamond grid.
      For the text, I just went through my fonts to find ones that looked close to the research images I found. I might have downloaded a few off
      I'd send you the actual file, but it looks like I've gotten a new computer since then and that one didn't get saved.
      Let me know if I can offer any other help.

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  3. Thanks Jesse, after I left your site, I decided to try creating one in Publisher - have it all but the net background. Will try your method. Thanks again.