Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Construction paper cut-out letters

For the Winter Wonderettes at Fox Valley Rep, I needed to make lots of holiday decorations that looked homemade, but still looked high quality, like they were made with care. One of the trickiest things to figure out was the lettering on all the signs I needed. In the past I would have stenciled onto construction paper or poster-board and then cutout the letters, but in this case I wanted more of a variety of fonts and more control of the font size than I could get with the stencils I owned. 
 Instead I decided to create documents with the exact fonts I needed in the exact size.
 I glued them face down onto pieces of construction paper
 It was still easy to see the outline of the dark letters through the thin printer paper
So I was able to easily cut out the letters.
And then peel the printed letter off the back
 I was left with construction paper cutout letters that looked consistent and carefully made, but still home crafted.

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