Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wrapped gift boxes

My apologies if this post is overly simplistic. I thought this was standard practice, but while explaining this method to a lighting designer friend and a production manager, they were both fascinated so I figured it was worth a blog post.
There are moments when gifts onstage need to be actually wrapped in paper that can be torn off, in which case, the run crew or stage management will need to do the wrapping, but please be considerate and pre-cut plenty of the correct sized pieces for them to use.
In many other cases you just need a beautiful box that can be opened easily. You can individually wrap the top and the bottom of the box, or i this case, I bought nice heavy gift boxes at Menards and added ribbon to each one. 
 First I wrapped some ribbon around the lid of the box
and glued the end on the inside
 Then carefully lined up ribbon on the bottom, while the box was assembled to match the top ribbon
I repeated the technique in the other direction
 and then glued a bow on top to finish it off
 The gift looks beautiful under the tree and the actor can quickly retrieve the prop inside.
I made each of the five boxes I needed slightly differently, and I was really pleased with how they turned out. 

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