Friday, October 25, 2013

Reusable "wax" seals

For Northanger Abbey, at Remy Bumppo Theatre, we had a series of letters (it seems like all Jane Austen plays have lots of letters) The director asked that all of the letters have wax seals on them. 
 To make the wax seals I started with sheets of circular label stickers from the office supply store.
 I added hot glue to the top of each sticker, creating a rough outline of the circle and filling in randomly in the center, then painted them with two coats of red paint.
 Once everything was dry they were easy to remove and stick to the letters. 
It was also fast and easy enough to make that I was able to create four full sheets. There were plenty of spares to leave with the stage managers to stick to new letters if the old ones wore out. 

*side note- I always try to create multiples of paper props to leave with the run crew as paper can be easily damaged or destroyed during the run of the show. I also often email digital copies of the paper props as an additional backup measure. 

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