Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Edible Thai Noodles

For Broken Fences at 16th Street, we needed a few take-out dishes of Thai food. For three of the four dishes used thin strips of torn muslin, added beads or torn up paper pieces of different colors, and tossed them with some glue and a couple drops of food coloring. 
One of the dishes, however, needed to be edible. The director suggested rice, but with no microwave or stove that is easy to access at this particular theatre, I knew it would have been too much work for the ASM to prep something the actor would feel okay about eating nightly. 
Instead I decided to make a noodle dish. 
 I bought lots of small corn tortillas (bonus- super inexpensive) and cut them into this strips. 
layered and piled into the tub they look pretty convincing. They looked even more convincing when the actor got a few on his fork to eat them. 

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