Monday, November 5, 2012

A Simple Salad

Recently I needed to throw together a quick salad as a prop in a show. I had been under the impression that the salad was consumed every night, so I was planning on purchasing a basic bag salad every couple of shows for them to use. Turns out, no one ever even removed the saran wrap during the scene. 
Hooray for saving a ton of money not having to buy new salad every week!
 Even better, I was able to make the fake salad entirely from supplies I had in my closet of supplies at home.
 I started by ripping and crumbling the green issue paper to serve as a base.
Next I cut up my scrap of green fabric to add some variety to the color and texture.
 Next I cut up my scrap of leftover plastic greenery to add more even more texture, and to add something that wouldn't swish so easily.
 Finally I added yarn for cheese and orange pipe cleaners for carrots.
 I wrapped it all in some saran wrap, and sent it onstage.
Hooray for free last minute props :)

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