Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wedding Guest Book

When I got engaged over a year ago I wrote that you would likely be seeing multiple wedding projects here on the blog mixed in with the theatre projects. As it turned out the wedding was a lot of work and took up more of my time than planned (who knew?). Now that the wedding is over though I would love to share with you a few of the projects I took on. Some are just for fun, but I think that some may have applications in theatre as well.
This first one is just for fun. We were looking for something interesting to do for a guest book and I was coming up empty until I saw a pinterest page where someone had all of their friends sign a Monopoly board. Board games are one of my favorite things and I decided to steal the idea.
Monopoly didn't seem to be super appropriate for a wedding, but The Game of Life seemed appropriate. The only problem is that the board for The Game of Life, looks like this.
It's very busy looking. There would be very little place for people to sign, and where they did it would likely be difficult to read. 
 My solution was a delicate hand with a tiny paint brush and two very thick coats of blue craft paint. 

 I loved that many people signed next to squares on the board that related to life events we had shared or hoped to share together. 
We added a Jenga game because I was nervous about there being enough space for everyone to sign. 
 And now we have these wonderful mementos of all of our friends that we can see and enjoy whenever we play games together with our friends and family.

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