Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Get moving!

So just a short post today. I'm a little double booked this week one show has it's first preview Thursday and another has it's first preview next Wednesday. I promise some more substantial posts soon but for now I thought I'd share one of my favorite motivational mottos,

Leap, the net will appear

Especially in the arts I feel like if you are waiting around for a guaranteed plan, for safety, predictability and reliability in life, you're going to be waiting forever. Instead, when an opportunity comes along you need to take a chance and go for it. I may not always know where I'll be in two months, but if I have to trust that hard work pays off, karma comes back around and good friends will always be there when you need them. It may be safer to pin down a day job and always feel like I have a solid backup plan, but it's also far less exciting, and I'll certainly never change the world by playing it safe. It's much more fun to leap and (at least so far) I have always found a net right when I needed it.

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