Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dessert Trays

Another quick dessert post. This time I had to do two trays of pastries. There was quite a bit in stock, but much of it was poorly made and looked incredibly fake. I pulled out the best pieces we had and then made up a few new pieces to make it all look fresher and a little more colorful.

I cut some small blocks of 1 1/2" foam and iced them with light weight joint compound.

I also cut some thin strips of 1/2" foam into a long finger shape. I gave them all a smear of icing on top with the same joint compound.

I sprayed the tall cakes with an off white spraypaint to give them a more buttercream look. Then I took some fake blackberries I found in stock and glued them on top to add some color.

I painted the fingers a chocolate brown and left the icing white.

To add some more color to the tray I took some old fake strawberries, dipped them in that same chocolate brown paint and let them dry.

If I was more patient and had thought through things more I would have painted the fingers before adding the icing, and I would have added paint to the icing before spreading it on the cakes.

To freshen up the old pieces I washed them off and sprayed some of them with a gloss sealer to make the colors pop a little more. Still, the trays ended up being pretty impressive.

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