Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bake Sale

This was just a quick fun project for "Spelling Bee." One of the characters enters with a tray of candy and snacks to sell for the PTA. I bought real fun size candies that are going to be thrown into the audience, but I needed some home baked items to round out the tray. I turned to one of my all time favorite materials, Crayola model magic. It's a really easy to work with, superlight, foam-type clay. It is also air dry (no need to bake, and stays flexible and kinda squishy even after it has cured. It's a little expensive for big projects, but for small things it's a great material to play with.

I mixed together some brown and "bisque" and "terra cotta" and made a nice golden cookie color. that I rolled and squished into cookies, then I added little flecks of brown for chocolate chips.

For the brownies I rolled out a large thick section and then cut it into pieces with my matte knife to get a good clean edge.

After that I dusted all of them with with a coat of Design Master Glossy Wood Tone spray paint (mentioned earlier in my favorite things) to give them a buttery baked look.

And as Anna Warren of Fake-n-Bake says "It's 90% presentation," so the look was completed by wrapping my baked goods in cellophane.
I was especially proud when the production manager asked me if I was going to have to bake new ones every week!

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