Tuesday, June 21, 2011

fake roast and biscuits

For a one of my recent shows the actors are supposed to be eating a full dinner of roast, potatoes and carrots and biscuits. We decided that the biscuits and the roast would be fake, only the potatoes and carrots would be edible to give the actors something to do.
For the roast i started with some thick quilt batting.
I cut out some roast shapes
And then I coated them with liquid latex
It took about three coats until the latex was thick enough to cover both sides well.
I painted a salmony pink in the center of each slice.
And then sprayed the whole thing down with a coat of Design Master-Glossy Wood Tone spray paint
The biscuits were a simple salt dough (equal parts salt and flour, a little water, knead together and bake)
with a light dusting of Glossy Wood Tone for that golden baked color.

All in all a pretty tasty plate.

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