Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fake Pineapple Chunks

These fake pineapple chunks are to be a part of the same sangria mix that the fake berries in the last post are for.
My inspiration for this idea came from another props blogger, Anna Warren at Fake n' Bake, who used wax and concentrated wax pigments to make pieces to pickled herring.
Wax, she explained, is a great material for prop foods because of it's translucence and price. I figured this would be the perfect project to experiment with the material.
First I cut raw candle wax into roughly pineapple shaped chunks. It's a little tricky to cut, but I used my heat gun to heat up the metal blade of my knife to make the cuts easier.
and here is a closer picture
I melted down some more wax with a bit of concentrated yellow candle dye (sold in blocks at craft stores and you don't need much)
I used a cheap brush (because I assume it will be ruined by the wax) to paint a thin layer of the hot yellow wax over each chunk. the hot wax also helps to smooth and round the edges of the cut pieces.
and here is the final product.


  1. Hey Jesse!

    I'm in a properties design class right now and we're covering foods this week. My assignment is to make a full complete pineapple.. Any suggestions of how I might go about that?? I'm fairly new to this. I was thinking just some type of modeling clay or something of that sort and then baking it to harden? Let me know what you think!


  2. I saw someone make a pretty amazing pineapple once by casting a real one in liquid latex with a two part plaster mold. If I had to do one quicker, I would carve the base out of insulation foam, add the hexegon-ish shapes with felt, put the points on each spine with hot glue, coat the entire thing with liquid latex to finish the texture, then paint.