Monday, November 15, 2010

smushed plum

In the upcoming production of Cherry Smoke at The Side Project theatre in Roger's Park, one of the characters is supposed to be rubbing a piece of fruit on her skin. I needed a piece of smushed fruit that was believable in a small space, and was comfortable for the actress to press against her skin without getting her messy (the show moves very quickly scene to scene and she wouldn't have much time to clean herself and get back on stage.
The director decided she wanted the fruit to be a plum so I started out with a rubber racquetball.
I cut a whole in it and painted it dark purple.
For the inside of the plum I used wax. I figured it would feel smooth and slip easily across the actor's skin without leaving a residue. 
I bought two candles that were approximately the color of the inside of a plum. 

I melted the yellow one into the ball first and then used the red on top in a hope to duplicate the correct coloring.
I don't know if the yellow ended up having an effect at all, but the end result is still pretty convincing.

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