Sunday, November 14, 2010


I wish this cyclone was my idea, but it's a re-creation of the one that was built the last time the theatre did a production of this "Wizard of Oz." It's so cool though I had to share the idea.
It starts with a cone sewn out of a light-weight sheer fabric (I bought this grey georgette on sale at JoAnns). It has a pocket sewn into the top that I threaded a piece of flexible copper tubing into.
I built this cross-piece to match the circle at the top of my cone.
The copper tube screws onto the spokes and the dowel in the center fits inside the end of a large piece of PVC.

The cross piece slips easily in and out of the dowel for easy storage and assembly backstage.

In it's finished state the actor holds the 7' tall piece at the bottom and slowly guides it in small circles  The top and the bottom of the cone are much more secure but the center of the cone is free to move and swirl in a very cyclone-ish manner. 
The effect is very cool and I'm sure will be even more magical under stage lights.  
*Note- Sorry about the sideways video, I couldn't figure out a way to rotate it without reloading it. 

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