Saturday, August 10, 2013


It was important to me, that the three letters we needed in Twelfth Night at Oak Park Festival be distinguishable from each other. 
The first, a fake love letter, was printed on this cloud and rainbow paper I had leftover from another project. 
The paper was not wild, but just unique and silly enough to make it distinctive (and recognizable the next time it appeared). The text was printed on the plain back side so that the interesting side was more visible to the audience while the actor was reading it.

I decided the second letter would be written on a cocktail napkin. As opposed to tearing napkins and writing that same note over and over I printed out the copies of the note on thin printer paper, 
 Then I cut them out and used modge podge to attach them to the napkins. 
They were still floppy like napkins, but sturdy enough to hold up while being a bit abused during a humid outdoor performance. 
The third letter was printed on a sheets of yellow legal tablet paper. 
Did you know that you can carefully tear a sheet off of one of these pads along the top perforations, and feed it directly through a printer?
You can!
The girl at the print shop at Office Max was super surprised
And if you use a handwriting font (I usually download them from, it looks authentically handwritten even very close up. 

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