Friday, February 15, 2013

Fake Indian Lunch

In Disconnect  one of the characters is eating lunch at his desk. We decided that the lunch should be contained in a tiffin, a small stacking tin that many Indians use to pack lunches.

 In the top section, I added a few pieces of flatbread so that he could take a few bites at the beginning of the scene.
In the bottom half I created a "chickpea" dish with wooden beads and a few chopped up pieces of fake greenery, all coated in elmers glue to hold it together. Up close you can see the holes in the beads, but from the distance onstage they weren't visible.
Also, in a funny shopping twist, I called five different local Indian import and supply stores looking for this at the last minute (initially we had decided he would be eating a sandwich) in an attempt to avoid shipping costs and time delays, none of them had anything or could even recommend somewhere else that might. 
After giving up on the local route, I went online to search and discovered World Market sells this one for $10, and stocks them in store. 

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