Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If only I could buy everything

One of the hardest things about being a props master is controlling the urge to buy things. It is so difficult to see an amazing deal on an interesting piece while walking through a thrift or antique store (or worse sitting out on the side of the road). I will stare a a piece thinking "I am going to need that one day, and when I do, i am not going to be able to find it." Eventually I remind myself that if I were to buy everything that I thought that way about, I would have to spend money every month to rent space to store the stuff, and I almost always walk away.
Today was a perfect example. While walking out of the Salvation Army I saw four vintage tricycles. I have no use for them on any show I can think of in the next year, but it was really hard to walk away. They were on sale for $50 each (a quick ebay search showed similar trikes selling for up to $100), they were here in the city (so there would be no dealing with driving to pick them up or paying shipping costs) and most importantly They Matched! Other props masters will agree I'm sure. Vintage is easy enough, though you sometimes pay more than you would like for it; matching vintage is darn near impossible.
I guess the moral of today's story is you have to let these things go. I certainly can't be spending $200 on something I eventually might use, as tempting as it might be. Every once in a while an item shows up on my props list and I think "A year ago I knew exactly where I could get one of those." In the end I have to say, "Oh well" and start a new search.

The other moral of the story is, if you happen to need vintage tricycles, and you are anywhere near Chicago, they are at the Salvation Army at Clyborne and Ashland. Go get them!

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