Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pear Fries

I think I've said before that pears are one of the most versatile foods you can find when it comes to edible food props, and here is another example. 
In "Menorca" there is a scene when a group of students comes back from a shopping trip with bags of food from  Burger King. The director agreed that since the scene was so short we didn't need to worry about the burgers being edible, so for those I molded extra model magic I had from other projects into burger shapes and wrapped them in Burger King paper.
To give them something to do, it was decided the students would be eating fries. The director's biggest concern was the smell (we don't want the audience sitting and thinking about how much they want Burger King instead of thinking about the show), and my biggest concern was cooking (I'd either have to find microwavable fries, send someone out to the Burger King around the corner before the show each night or have the actors eating cold fries). Pears solved both problems and as an added bonus the actors appreciated having something refreshing and healthy in the middle of the show instead of salty and greasy.
The ASM cuts up three pears before every show (one for each fry cup).

The pear slices are just about the perfect color, just flexible enough and the yellow ends even look like the darker ends of fast food fries.

The only drawback is that the fries are slightly too short. You definitely want the smallest fry cup and tallest pears possible to help with the illusion.


  1. I love reading your blog! I am a community theater Director/SM/Prop chick/Actor/Whatever and am frequently called upon to be the "prop expert". Now I can't wait to do a show with fries and impress them all. My attempt last spring to come up with an edible non-meltable Eskimo pie was a challenge!

  2. Eskimo pie sounds like a challenge, what did you end up using?

  3. After a truly hysterical attempt with dense white cake and dark chocolate fondant, we actually ended up using Eskimo pies. They were only on stage for about two minutes and they came right out of the freezer.