Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Facebook Props Forum

Just a quick post today as I am opening two shows next week and am running around Chicagoland like a mad woman.
I was asking everyone I could think of the other day if they knew of a theatre in Chicago that had a spinning wheel I could rent for one of these shows. I haven't found it yet but one of my friends gave me an idea. "Why don't Chicago props masters have a forum?" he asked. There is an email list of Chicago production managers and a facebook group for Chicago tech directors. These lists as far as I have heard are fairly active with people helping each other find tools, overhire help and general advice. I feel that Chicago props people could benefit a ton from being able to ask advice and find items. And along the lines of my post about my theatre company, and the one last week about reinventing wheels, this could be another chance to collaborate, make everyone's life a little easier and make all of our art better.
So, long story short, I've started a facebook group called "Chicago Props Forum." If you are a Chicago props person please join, I will make you an admin and from there you will be able to message all group members when you have a question. On the group page we can keep track of favorite thrift stores, antique stores, and the best place to find that impossible piece.

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