Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A kindred spirit

Just a short post to pass on a great quote. As a lead-in, I was recently describing this blog to a woman at JoAnns who knew nothing about theatre. She asked me, "aren't you afraid of helping your competition?" and, "Do you think other props masters would be upset at you for giving away trade secrets?" I told her I didn't think any prop master would be upset about my blog, and, at least in this city, there is plenty of props work to go around so my only hope is if I help someone with a project they can return the favor at some point when I'm stuck. 

Today while reading Eric Hart's blog ( I came across this quote that says it perfectly. "It is highly inefficient for so many people to be reinventing the wheel every year in theatre, especially when there are so many more worthy prop challenges." 


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