Sunday, March 10, 2013

Altered Mission Desk

For The City and The City at Lifeline Theater we had been using this old mission style desk from stock for a rehearsal furniture piece. I was having a bit of trouble finding a final show piece in our budget that was long enough to fit four people seated and thin enough to fit though an incredibly narrow doorway. 
Eventually the designer and I had a discussion and decided that maybe we already had the perfect piece, it just needed some adjustment to make it look a bit less recognizable as a mission style desk. 
I started by removing the stretcher from the front side, and replacing it with one center. 
I also cut out two of the five slats on each end to get rid of the distinctive mission style look. 
I cut the legs on one end and added castors so that the table could be moved easily, like a wheelbarrow by one person. 
Add some silver paint and a coat of hammered steel spray paint for texture and we ended up with a table that is believable in a morgue and looks appropriate in a conference room as well. 

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