Sunday, February 5, 2012

The highest compliment

A couple weeks ago a friend of mine asked if he could borrow some of my fake ice cubes for a show he was working on. I told him he could, but finding a time to meet up with him to hand them off proved to be a challenge. Eventually we decided that I would leave the ice for him wedged in the door outside the office for his church, where he would be later in the day for choir rehearsal.
When I dropped off the ice I sent him a quick text double checking that I had left them in the correct place.
A couple hours later we had this exchange of text messages:

Tim- Hey. Sorry I didn't see this. Rest assured I have it in my possession. Thank you!

Me- That's okay. Glad you found it.

Tim- Karie thought it was real ice and put it in the freezer. lol

Me-That's awesome. My work can receive no higher compliment.

Tim- Certainly not!

That someone could see a sandwich bag full of fake ice cubes I made, pick it up and carry it to the freezer and continue to believe the ice is real, made my day. Though I have to wonder what this woman must have been thinking was the purpose of someone leaving a sandwich bag full of ice, with a pink sticky note with Tim's name on it inside the door to the church.

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