Monday, July 11, 2011

Fake BBQ Meats

And for the final post in my "The Crowd You're in With" fake food marathon, the meats.
For chicken I started with a leftover piece of pink insulation foam. I cut roughly chicken sized squares and then began to round them.
I started by cutting large chunks off of all the corners and edges
Then continued rounding and shaping until I had some chicken-y shapes.
I coated the pieces with a couple coats of liquid latex and left one side unpainted to look like raw chicken.
I painted the other side with glossy wood tone and some dark grill marks to look like cooked chicken. When the actor  places the chicken on the grill he puts them in raw-side up. Later when he flips them he reveals the cooked side.
I made the burgers in almost the exact same way I made the roast beef a few weeks ago. This time though I learned my lesson about how the quilt batting thins out as it is coated. I started with three layers of batting stacked instead of one.
Again I coated the batting with several coats of liquid latex.
I then painted the burgers a raw beef pink color. Like the chicken I left one side of the meat raw.
The other side got sprayed with the same glossy wood tone to make it look cooked. 

Thankfully, even with all the grilling, very little was consumed in the show and we didn't need to worry about working with real meat every night. I'm curious though, does anyone have experience with that, and if so, what did you do?

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  1. what is the brand name of the liquid latex you use?