Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some paperwork samples

I explained some of my paperwork a few months ago, in the My Process postings, but I thought it might be much more useful if you could see some of my props lists.
I keep my props lists on google.docs and I send the link to stage managers, directors, designers and anyone else who I think could benefit from seeing it. I try to keep the list as up to date as possible, so that if a stage manager has a question about whether I got a note, or whether a prop in rehearsal is supposed to be final, she can check back at the list.
List to list the only thing that really changes is the page id in the third column, which is entirely for practical purposes. Ideally the column would always read act.scene.page, but not all scripts are structured that way, and the entire purpose of the column is to help me find the point in the script for a reference when I need it, so I just use whatever seems most practical.
Keep in mind too that this is an ever changing process, I've been tweaking the format over time and I'm sure I will continue to.

Christmas Carol List- So this all fit on one sheet to print I cut the first column to X for done and R for rehearsal prop.
DNA Trail List- Since this play was actually a festival of seven short plays, I created a different list for each one, you can navigate between them using the tabs on the bottom.
Drowsy Chaperone List
End of the Tour List

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