Monday, August 9, 2010

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I believe that every theatre company should read this list and make sure they pass the test. The Theatremaker's Theatregoing Manifesto
It seems so simple, but if you are struggling to fill seats, are you also making sure that you aren't doing any of these little annoying things that are putting off potential audience members. 

Some of my favorites include:
-If a patron's cell phone went off repeatedly at your last show, or someone was talking at an inappropriately loud level, and your house staff did nothing, don't expect me to come to your next show. Also, it's not their fault--it's yours for not training them better
-If I have met the artistic director of your theater company and he/she was dismissive, snooty, or just a downright asshole to me, don't expect me to come to your show.
-If I heard that you didn't treat your interns, volunteers, actors, or artists well, don't expect me to come to your show.

Others that I would include- 
-If you are dismissive or rude to critical comments (whether in person or on some online forum) instead of taking the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussion, don't expect me to come see your next show. 
-If I hear that you continually rely on "company members" for donations, fundraising volunteers, administrative tasks, and extra labor at set build and strike, but do not offer them design positions or cast them in your shows, do not expect me to come see your next show.

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