Tuesday, May 25, 2010

some things inspiring me right now

I hated the idea of twitter, I also thought that it would be fairly useless if you didn't have a smart phone to keep with you all the time. On some level I was right. Twitter would be a far more interesting tool if I had a smart phone and could read and respond and be part of the conversation in real time. But on another level I was wrong because if you use it right, twitter is not a bunch of pointless updates on what your friends are eating or what happened on American Idol. Twitter can be a conversation with people all over the world sharing ideas all day every day.
I joined twitter to follow the conversation at 2amtheatre (#2amt). It started out as a bunch of theatre artists talking one night on the future of theatre and now it's grown to a conversation that keeps going every day all day. People all over the country and the world talking about marketing ideas, audience development, networking, playwriting and everything else. Most importantly they are sharing links to blogs, articles, pod-casts and videos; giving me something new to look at and fresh ideas to inspire me every day.
Here are some of my favorites-
making meaning

part of the reason I love Chicago

It's the relationship stupid

outsourcing? Admin sharing?

and there are many many others. I have found that being a part of this ongoing conversation, or just reading it many times, has reenergized my passion, not only for what I am working on, but for theatre as a whole. I feel ready to change the world, and that's what theatre should do right?

"I know it's nieve to think that art can change the world, but it would be tragic to think that it couldn't."
From Wendy Smith's book Real Life Drama: The Group Theatre and America, 1931-1940 the other thing that is inspiring me right now.

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