Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Egg carton spiders

This project, for the children's show Click Clack Boo, at Lifeline theatre feels like it belongs on Pinterest more than on my blog. In this play the animals on the farm are planning a Halloween party. I was a little confused about how to proceed with the decorations for the party at the end, until I happened across this picture. 
Of course! Cow, Pig, Hen and Duck would use the supplies they had around the farm to make the decorations. 
I made a couple of these milk jug ghosts, made some paper chains, with jute rope twisted through them, and then had the idea for these spiders. 
 First I cut a 12 egg carton in half. 
 I left the center two egg spaces whole and cut the outer four into strips to make the legs. Scissors worked well on this Styrofoam egg carton, for the recycled paper ones I found that a sharp exact-o knife or box cutter was a better tool. 
 I painted my spiders black, 
and then added googly eyes, because everything is better with googly eyes. 

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