Wednesday, February 20, 2013

dressing up wedding invites

Early on in wedding planning I told my fiance, "I don't care about paper, please remember that I said that. Please remind me that I said that when I am tempted by all the pretty, customized, unique, beautiful shiny invitations and programs and escort cards that people will be trying to sell me."
(as with pretty much everything wedding, this was my personal decision, and I am in no way judging anyone who put lots of time and money into their wedding invites, I just knew it wasn't a priority for me.)

We ended up finding some very cute black and white invites from, Our wedding was starting to develop a bit of a black and white polka dot theme and these fit right in (and cost less than $1 each). As well as they fit with our wedding, they didn't seem very beautiful or special. I had a plan to add pops of color to the invites to echo the pops of jewel tone color we were planning to have in the wedding decorations. 
I got out my pack of crayola "Bold" markers and started experimenting (we had about 20 extra invites to play with).
I tried filling in some of the larger cirlcles
Using my hole punch to punch out circles, 
tracing hollow circles
filling in tiny circles, 
partially tracing circles, 
adding a colored border around the text, 
And tracing the large circles, 
Eventually we decided that we liked the filling in of small circles and tracing of large ones, we combines them and then I spent a very long time duplicating the design over all 200 invites. 
I was proud of the result, for some time and the price of a pack of markers I was able to get a great effect for very little money. The only thing I regret in retrospect is that I didn't invite friends over to help. The whole project would have been more pleasant and gone exponentially faster (it took me about 6 hours) if I had a bit of help. 

*note: had amazing customer service and reprinted our invites at no charge when I realized there was a typo and I had listed the wrong time on the invite.

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