Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quick fancy glasses

These glasses were also for The Double at Babes with Blades. I needed lots of rocks glasses for the bar scene and wanted them to be a bit unique and special (as a reference, the play is based around a lot of classic hollywood and we had decided that we wanted the props to all look a bit "proppy").

The director picked out some glasses with a silver rim from some of the research images I sent her. I didn't have the money to go buy nice cut-glass rocks glasses, so instead I altered some that I found for about $1 a glass at Marshalls.
For the silver stripes I used aluminum foil tape I purchased at Home Depot (you can see this roll was only $6.58 and it's a 50 ft roll). 
I trimmed the tape to the width I needed using my x-acto knife to cut along the edge of my metal ruler. 
Then I carefully smoothed the tape onto each glass. Aluminum is an incredibly soft metal, so wrinkles and creases smooth out fairly easily (at least until they are small enough that they are hard to see from any distance). Also the tape is used for sealing HVAC systems, among many other industrial uses, so the adhesive  will stand up to low temperatures and condensation, both of which are issues that would have come up with putting cold liquids into a glass. 
And there they are. Cheap, easy bar glasses that have a little something special about them. 

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